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We only use Barbedensis Miller, organically grown, whole-leaf Aloe Vera in our Simply Aloe™, AloeMin™, AloeCaps™, and AloeGel™. We invite you to try our Aloe products… we are confident that you will agree you have found the best!

We use the Barbadensis Miller variety, grown in South America, here the plant has thrived for centuries. The plants are cared for in the Old World tradition. No environmental pollutants, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides have been used during the growing or harvesting process. The processing facility is in close proximity to the Aloe fields, allowing the Aloe to be processed within 30-60 minutes of harvesting. Simply Aloe is 10 times more concentrated than single strength Aloes that test in a range of only 1200 mgs per quart/liter, giving you 10 times more polysaccharides than the majority of the brands available today. If you cannot taste the strong distinctive Aloe flavor, in a rich yellow or amber color, there is probably little or no Aloe Vera present. Our juice is never reconstituted.*

You can learn more about the healing benefits of Aloe Vera by visiting our Library. Here you will find articles from scientific research and studies that explain what Aloe Vera does for your body.


 SimplyAloe-with-shadowAncientElements-with-shadowAloeMin-with-shadow Simply Aloe is the highest quality, organically grown concentrated Aloe Vera available today. The polysaccharide content is a minimum of 13,000mg per quart.Learn more about Simply Aloe:

Ancient Elements contains over 70 naturally occurring colloidal and trace minerals in natural combinations. It is not commonly realized that vitamins control the appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make some use of minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless.

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Aloe Min is a combination of highly concentrated, organically grown whole leaf Aloe Vera plus over 70 plant derived minerals and rare trace minerals that are naturally occurring in varying amounts. Aloe Min gives you two products on one, giving your body exactly what in needs in trace minerals along with the incredible benefits of Aloe.

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image001*This information is documented in the “Origin, Specification and Manufacturing Data Sheet: Certification of Analysis”. For specific questions about any of our products Contact Us